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Help us be here for herย 



Progress so far: $40,000 raised!



Together we can ensure that women have access to 'pregnancy help'ย 

and the 'option' to flourish in motherhood!

If you're passionate about giving isolated women and mothers access to pregnancy help, this is your moment! Join us in fundraising for our #hubsoflove project.ย 

You can help plant a little 'hub of love' in her neighbourhood by:

#hubsoflove Projectย 

Every year, around 12,000 women and families receive vital, hope-filled pregnancy support through the Pregnancy Help Australia network. However, the heartbreaking reality is that many pregnant women across the country don't have access to a local pregnancy hub, leaving them feeling like motherhood is an impossible journey.

Together we can change this.ย 

By planting new start-up centres (#hubsoflove) where services are currently unavailable, we can elevate our isolated sisters and ensure they have the support and nourishment they deserve. With your donation, we can make a difference and bring essential resources to these centres.

Once a new Hub of Love (pregnancy help centre) launches, our statistics show that an additional 500 women will receive help per year on average. That's 1000 hearts that could be in your local neighbourhood!

Your donation supports the following:

๐Ÿ’› Developing and distributing practical start-up tools, coaching, and up-to-date training resources to encourage, equip and establish new and existing pregnancy help centres (#hubsoflove) across Australia so women can access the vital support they're seeking.ย 

๐Ÿ’› The operation of the PHA National Helpline and Directory Service 1300 139 313, available 7 days a week from 8 AM to 10 PM. This service connects vulnerable pregnant women to free, confidential support and local allied pregnancy help centres. It also offers hope and healing to anyone struggling after an abortion.

We understand that the last few years have hit some families and businesses hard. We also know that for others, however, right now can be a season of generosity. No matter how large or small your one-off gift or monthly donation is, it is a powerful seed of love, multiplying in value beyond our understanding, touching hearts and changing lives ๐Ÿ’“

On behalf of our whole team, thank you for being part of the Pregnancy Help Australia Community. None of the work that we do would be possible without your ongoing support.ย 

Pregnancy Help Australia (PHA), has a 40-year history of supporting women in their unexpected pregnancy journey by providing a nationwide network of life-affirming pregnancy help centres (#hubsoflove).

PHA-affiliated pregnancy help centres are devoted to providing quality services that reflect real LOVE in action. LOVE that values every LIFE. They agree to follow the PHA Commitment of Care and Competence to uphold their life-affirming standard.

PHA does not receive any government funding and operates solely on private donations