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intake & Consent

Creating an effective Client Intake Form is a top priority!

Your client intake form is a tool to obtain accurate and up-to-date information from a new client so that you can provide the best support. It gives your client clarity on what they can expect from your service, and once signed and dated, it protects you both.

creating a specific policy & procedure?

We can help with that 😊

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Creating a new Position Description?

We can help with that 😊

A Position Description (PD) for every paid and volunteer role is a must-have for smooth operations! PD's give your team clarity and ensure your centre's expectations are established and met.

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+ Added Bonus

Along with Position Description templates, you'll be able to access templates for an 'Offer of Appointment' & 'Volunteer Agreement' too!

If you need anything else please do let us know or if you have additional templates to share with the network we'd love to hear from you!

non-diagnostic ultrasound

We can help with that 😊

Are you adding non-diagnostic ultrasound to your services? Do you need help developing a policy and procedure? This template is a great start! πŸ’–

exit interviews & feedback

Implementing exit interviews or feedback forms is an effective way to capture the best possible insights from your clients. We strongly encourage all centres to deploy this tool as a means to evaluate their service provision and strive for excellence! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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